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Eau de Stilton

File this one under "what the ?#*@ will they think of next?" The UK-based Stilton Cheese Makers Association is releasing a Stilton-scented perfume called Eau de Stilton, as part of a broader campaign to encourage people to eat more of this famous blue cheese.

The SCMA enlisted ID Aromatics to re-create "the earthy and fruity aroma of

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Cheese of the Week - Ibores

Murray's Cheese is showcasing its selection of Spanish cheeses this month, and Ibores, produced in the Extremadura and name-protected under the "Denominación de Origen" (D.O.) label, is certainly one of the best. Ibores is made from the raw milk of the Retinta and Verata breeds of goats, and features a semi-firm paste scattered with small eyeholes. Its subtle goatiness blends beautifully with a sweet grassy character and a delicate bitterness. The rind on an Ibores can vary; some are natural (white/yellow), while some are rubbed with olive oil and/or paprika.

Cheese of the Week - Burrata

Burrata is a luscious, fresh cheese from Southern Italy, made from buffalo or cow's milk. Burrata is essentially unspun mozzarella curds mixed with fresh cream ("burro" is Italian for butter) stuffed into sheets of pulled mozzarella. This little pouch is then wrapped in leaves of the Asphodelus ramosus (an herb with leaves similar to leeks). Usually served with sliced tomatoes, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, burrata is a uniquely delicious experience.

Available seasonally from the Bedford Cheese Shop

Coming Soon - Saxelby Cheese

Anne Saxelby, former cheese monger at Murray's, is opening a new cheese shop on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Saxelby Cheese will be ready for business on Friday, May 5, 2006 in the Essex Street Market, and will be the first store in the country dedicated solely to American cheeses.

They will offer the usual American favorites such as Maytag Blue, as well as some exclusive varieties like

Cheese of the Week - Kefalograviera

Continuing with the Mediterranean theme, the Cheese of the Week this week is Kefalograviera, a deliciously salty sheep's milk cheese from Northern Greece/Western Macedonia. First produced in the 1960s, the cheese is aged for roughly three months and the pale yellow pâte has scattered pea-sized holes. Combine with tomatoes, olives and capers in a salad, or fry it up to make Saganaki.

Zahidul Hakim, Cheesemonger

From yesterday's New York Times, an interesting little article on Zahidul Hakim, the new Bangladeshi cheesemonger at the legendary Balducci's Gourmet Market in New York City.

When Mr. Hakim returned to Bangladesh in 2003 for his second visit home, he took Abbaye de Belloc, a washed-rind sheep's milk cheese from the French Pyrenees. When his mother visited New York recently, she got a wider selection.

"How can cheese become like this?" he said she marveled as she nibbled through a variety of tastes and textures.

Cheese of the Week - Tnuva Feta

In honor of Passover, the cheese of this week is Tnuva's Feta-Style Sheep’s Cheese, made in Israel from cow's or sheep's milk. This briny cheese is kosher for Passover (as are most kosher cheeses) and crumbles nicely for salads.

I will be away from a computer for the next several days, so the blog will be on hold. Happy Passover and Easter everybody!

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