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Cheese By Hand

Cheese by Hand is a project recently undertaken by husband & wife team Michael Claypool and Sasha Davies. Michael is the former assistant sommelier at Blue Hill Stone Barns, while Sasha is the affineur at Murray's Cheese. In April of this year, Michael and Sasha will venture cross-country visiting with

Raw Milk Cheese May be Legalized in New Zealand

Up to now, only cheese made from pasteurized milk may be sold in New Zealand, but according to a report in the New Zealand Herald, New Zealand's Food Safety Authority is staging a project to review its pasteurization laws from the ground up. Lisa Gallagher, the manager of this pasteurization research project, says, "We'll be revisiting the fundamentals of science. Pasteurisation is scientific dogma - one of the building blocks of microbiology - and we're going to be pulling all that apart and starting ag

Cheese of the Week - Isle of Mull Cheddar

Isle of Mull Cheddar

This fantastic raw cow's milk cheddar is made by the Reade family in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Because of the climate on this Scottish Isle, the diet of the mostly Fresian cows must be supplemented with spent grain from the local whiskey brewery. This grain introduces a fantastic nutty flavor to the cheddary foundation of the cheese. I found it quite enjoyable with a glass of California Chardonnay, but I suppose it might go well with some fine Scotch Whiskey.

Cheese Carver to Appear on David Letterman

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that Troy Landwehr, a Cheese Carver from Appleton, Wisconsin, will appear on Wednesday night's episode of the Late Show with David Letterman. The sculpture will be a bust of Biff Henderson, Dave's deadpan stage manager.

Cheese of the Week - Vacherin Fribourgeois

Vacherin Fribourgeois

Vacherin Fribourgeois is an alpine Swiss cheese similar to Italian Fontina d'Aosta. Not to be confused with Vacherin Mont d'Or, a round, much softer cheese that ships in small wooden boxes, Fribourgeois is a semi-soft and creamy cow's milk cheese made in the Fribourg region of Switzerland (near where Gruyère is made). It is sweet and slightly fruity, and, because it melt

Bingham Hill Going Out of Business

Colorado's Bingham Hill, one of America's best cheesemakers, announced last Thursday that it was shutting its doors after roughly six years in business. According to their official press release:

In June 2005, Bingham Hill lost a customer that represented around 50 percent of annual revenues. Attempts were made to replace the customer, but while several new accounts were landed, none approached the volume of the lost customer. As a result, Bingham Hill experienced several consecutive months of negative cash flow.

Fondue Month

For many, February is best known as Black History Month, a month when we celebrate the many contributions African Americans have sewn into the fabric of our country. But the Curd Nerds at Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro have a different idea: February is Fondue Month.

With such temptations as Comté with Date-Almond Chutney, and Munster d'Alsace with

Kraft Wants to Change Defintion of Parmesan

Reports are flying about Kraft Foods wanting to amend the definition of Parmesan cheese. Currently one of the defining characteristics of American Parmesan cheese, according to the FDA, is a period of 10 months of aging. Kraft claims they have a way of recreating the taste and texture of Parmesan cheese in far less time, 6 months. I don't really want to know how they've managed to accomplish this, but the deeper issue at hand is

Now THAT'S What I Call a Reality TV Show

Australia's Cheese Idol Wins Scholarship

A self-taught cheesemaker from Tilba Tilba on the New South Wales south coast has been named Australia's cheese idol.

Erica Dibden started trying out cheese recipes in her kitchen using milk from the family's jersey herd.

She has now won a Dairy Australia scholarship to travel to Europe and is hoping to capture some "cheesemaking magic" from some of the Continent's greatest cheese connoisseurs.

"The cheesemaker is very closed shop, so this scholarship is

Cheese of the Week - Gruyano?


A few entries ago, I described the three Gruyère-style homemade cheeses that have been aging in my "cheese cave." The oldest one had been aging for 5 months, the amount of time that Margaret Morris recommends in her book, and after trying a sample using this cheese trier, I determined that the cheese was

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