Now THAT'S What I Call a Reality TV Show

Australia's Cheese Idol Wins Scholarship

A self-taught cheesemaker from Tilba Tilba on the New South Wales south coast has been named Australia's cheese idol.

Erica Dibden started trying out cheese recipes in her kitchen using milk from the family's jersey herd.

She has now won a Dairy Australia scholarship to travel to Europe and is hoping to capture some "cheesemaking magic" from some of the Continent's greatest cheese connoisseurs.

"The cheesemaker is very closed shop, so this scholarship is a fantastic opportunity," she said.

"I don't plan to go in and take people's ideas. You plan to go in, experience the way different factories are set out and the different way people do things but predominantly you want to come home and make your own product."

(Reprinted from ABC Rural)