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Ukraine Gets Some New Kosher Cheeses

The Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS is reporting today that the Ukrainian Kashrut Committee plans to release two new kosher cheeses for Shavuot, a Jewish holiday traditionally celebrated by eating lots of dairy products. The two cheeses, Delikatesnaya Brynza and Bolgarskaya Brynza, are Balkan-style sheep's milk cheeses, similar to Quark in both texture and manufacture. Delikatesnaya Brynza is packed along with olives in a hot marinade,

Cheese of the Week - Kefalograviera

Continuing with the Mediterranean theme, the Cheese of the Week this week is Kefalograviera, a deliciously salty sheep's milk cheese from Northern Greece/Western Macedonia. First produced in the 1960s, the cheese is aged for roughly three months and the pale yellow pâte has scattered pea-sized holes. Combine with tomatoes, olives and capers in a salad, or fry it up to make Saganaki.

Cheese of the Week - Tnuva Feta

In honor of Passover, the cheese of this week is Tnuva's Feta-Style Sheep’s Cheese, made in Israel from cow's or sheep's milk. This briny cheese is kosher for Passover (as are most kosher cheeses) and crumbles nicely for salads.

I will be away from a computer for the next several days, so the blog will be on hold. Happy Passover and Easter everybody!

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