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Evans Creamery

Dave Evan’s Creamery doesn’t look like ground zero for a revolution. With its hundreds of feet of snaking stainless steel pipe and hot tub-sized vats it looks more like a large moonshining operation than the locus of hope for a crippled and depressed small farm dairy industry. Dave himself, a stout, bearded man with a serious twinkle in his eye, might even look a little like a bootlegger - until you start talking to him.

When asked how long he has been working his farm in Norwich, NY he replies with a simple, “Well, forever.” Dave grew up on the farm and was a young man when dairies around the Northeast started to disappear. Between 1980 and 2000 the number of New York dairy farms shrank from 19,000 to 7900 farms. At last count, that number is down to 7000.

Evans wasn’t the only small dairy farmer to notice. In 1996 the Northeast Dairy Compact signed into law to help regulate the wholesale price of milk. The intent was to

Anonymous Commenting is Back!

In an effort to encourage more commenting from you, our faithful readers, we have made anonymous commenting possible once again. We'd originally removed this feature because the comment spam was getting out of control, but now we use a system that can better identify the real curd nerds from the spammers (no doubt vegans). So now that you no longer need to register to post comments, let's hear from you!

A Little Curd Nerd is Born!

On Monday, 8/21/06, my wife gave birth to a baby girl after 27 hours of grueling labor. Her name is Sasha Gabrielle and she weighed 6 lbs 8 oz at birth and was 20.5 inches long. She keeps telling me she wanted to eat some cheese, but I told her she needs to stick with the breast milk a little while longer. Given all this, you may notice a slow-down in posts here; please bear with me while I do my best to find the time to keep posting. And as always, thanks for visiting the site.

Full size image after the jump. Featured on Ecuadorean Radio

Yesterday I was interviewed by the folks over at Radio City, an affiliate of the BBC in Ecuador, on a show called Buscando la Luna, Looking for the Moon. Hosted by Luisa Aray, Claudia Sinisterra and Diego Rendon, Looking for the Moon is a late-night lifestyles show that interviews "high class players and program[s] the best music of all time, the different genres and cover[s] everything that happens in the world of technology, film, music, culture, tourism, health, good dining and much much more." They asked me lots of questions about cheese including, "Where do the best cheeses come from?" and "What creates the holes in Gruyère?" It was a great experience, and it was my first interview conducted in Spanish (with the help of a translator, of course). If any of you are reading this from Ecuador, and maybe heard the interview live, please drop a comment and say hi! in TONY

Curdnerds got a nice mention in this week's Time Out New York magazine (which hits the street today) in an article about the growing interest in artisanal cheese, especially among people in their 20s and 30s. Thanks so much to Time Out for the coverage!

There a couple of factual errors in the article though. I am definitely amazed and intrigued by what Michael Claypool and Sasha Davies are doing over at, but to say that they inspired me to start this blog is not true. (I do however own one of the t-shirts that they sell over there.) It's also a bit misleading to say

Comments are fixed!

Comments pages should now look good on alternative browsers (Safari, Konqueror, Opera, etc.). Please email me at if you are still having trouble.

Comments, Part Deux

There were some nice comments in the "moderation queue" that, because they reference older posts, would probably have slipped through the cracks. I'm listing them here to try and prevent that:


Some of you have posted comments on the blog and they haven't been getting published. I apologize for that; they were sitting in a queue waiting for me to approve them, and I didn't even know they were there! I was wondering why no one was commenting! Anyway, I do appreciate all of your comments, and now that I know what the problem was, they will all be published quickly from now on.

One more note: if you are using Safari on a Mac, the comment box appears to be only one letter wide. I am working on fixing this, but for now please use a different browser such as Firefox.

New Look and Feel?

Well, for now anyway. I was having trouble with the old "theme" I'd been using. Apparently in some browsers the page was quite garbled. So I've reverted to a simpler presentation, at least until I iron out the kinks in the old one. Please leave a comment if you have any opinions about this new look and feel or about the old one.

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