Them's Fightin' Words

Oh snap! In the continuing battle between California and Wisconsin for the title of "state with the most prolific cheese production," comes editorial from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal: But Cheetos aren't cheese. The backstory is that the New York Times recently published an article claiming that cheese production in California will soon surpass that of Wisconsin for the first time. This editorial fights back, however, with the argument that Wisconsin still beats California in quality over quantity. "Cheetos don't count as cheese. Which is why we take issue with only one word in The Times article's headline, 'Wisconsin's crown of cheese is within California's reach.' And that word is 'crown.'"

While I firmly agree that Cheetos aren't cheese, I do take issue with this unabashed bickering. I don't mean to fan the fire, but it does come across as rather defensive on the part of the Milwauke J.S.--perhaps they are beginning to realize that cheese is all that Wisconsin has going for it? Can't all we curd nerds get along?