Stinky Bklyn

I'm quite sure there are many stinky things in Brooklyn, the Gowanus Canal being perhaps the paradigmatic example. But just a stone's throw away from that cursed body of water, you can find some stinky items that actually make us happy. I'm talking about cheese of course!

Stinky Bklyn opened about six months ago and carries over 125 varieties of cheese, as well as a nice selection of high quality charcuterie, breads, chocolate, preserves, and even produce, all tucked in to a cozy and charming retail space at 261 Smith St. in Carroll Gardens. They even have two beautifully-adorned English pub-style blackboards, which are rather informative as long as you're not distracted by the leg of Serrano ham in the middle of the store that looks as if its about to kick your teeth out.

The best thing about Stinky Bklyn, however, is the prices. The cheese is priced by the quarter pound, which co-owner Patrick Watson says is "not to fool the customer," but to give them an idea of the cost based on a quantity they might actually purchase. This makes perfect sense--who buys a pound of cheese? And when you actually do the math (just multiply by four, people!) Stinky Bklyn's prices come out noticeably lower than its Manhattan competitors.

So if you're in the neighborhood, it's definitely a store worth checking out. It's even worth taking a special trip to the neighborhood. And while you're there you can also visit their sister store across the street, a cute little wine shop called Smith and Vine. I found the staff in both establishments to be friendly, helpful, and, best of all, happy!

Stinky Bklyn
261 Smith Street
Brooklyn NY 11231

Smith and Vine
246 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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