A Cheese Plate for Breakfast

Proving my theory that cheese is great any time of day, this weekend we did a breakfast cheese plate for some family who were in for a visit. I went with cheeses that were on the lighter side of things, and I also chose with my guests' tastes in mind. I did my shopping at a store I really trust (Stinky Bklyn), and they also helped me pick these out by making some really great suggestions.

Fleur Vert: a fresh goat cheese enveloped in fresh herbs and juniper berries. Tangy and herbal, spread on some crusty bread--a great way to start your day.

Brebiou: a creamy, bloomy-rind sheep cheese from the Pyrenees in France. Our guests kept calling it Camembert. Lazy Americans!

Pleasant Ridge Reserve: one of my favorite cheeses, an alpine-style cow's milk from Wisconsin. A subtle pineapple overtone made this a perfect morning nosh.

Taleggio: Our guests were not huge fans of the last stinky washed-rind cheese we served them, so this time I went a little more mainstream. Taleggio gives you a hint of the stink, but is more yeasty than anything else. They loved it!

Mahon: A tangy cow's milk cheese made on the island of Menorca, off the coast of Spain. Citrusy overtones made this one a particularly good choice for breakfast.

There was also an interesting discussion over breakfast about processed cheese, with one guest insisting that in certain circumstances it's preferable to a "real" cheese (grilled cheese sandwiches, egg sandwiches, etc.). I argued that while I enjoy eating those things, I believe that in every case they could be made better with a higher quality cheese. She said she agreed with me, and that she just considered those things to be a different experience altogether. I think I see her point, but I still disagree :) Give me a grilled cheese made with Gruyère over one made with Kraft singles any day. The latter is a "different experience" I'd be happy to live without.