Best Egg and Cheese Sandwich Ever?

Head over to Saxelby Cheese this week for the "best egg and cheese ever." I've been contemplating publishing a recipe for the best egg and cheese sandwich, but I've always struggled with picking the perfect cheese to use. The most common permutation you can find uses Kraft American Singles, my feelings for which have been made amply clear on this blog. In fact I've spoken to some people who cite egg and cheese sandwiches as the perfect vehicle for processed cheese. I beg to differ, and I've always believed a better cheese makes for a better egg and cheese sandwich.

Given the pervasiveness of American cheese on these kinds of sandwiches, the obvious choice for the best egg and cheese sandwich would be Cheddar. But then I thought that something that melted better might be a better choice. My latest attempt would have been to try a well-aged Appenzeller, or maybe a raw-milk Fontina. Needless to say, having a little baby at home tends to put a damper on any recipe-testing endeavors.

Well, Anne Saxelby has come to my rescue! She went the Cheddar route, and I think in the end that's a perfectly respectable choice. She's using Grafton 2 Year Classic Cheddar, Indian Run Farms Free Range Eggs, Evans Farmhouse Clarified Butter, and a Portuguese roll from Teixeras Bakery. I will definitely stop by one morning this week to try it out!