Ben Bernanke Loves Him Some Blintzes

Photo by Susanica on
In a speech last week in Charlotte, NC, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke revealed that way back in 1958 the Charlotte Observer published an article with his grandmother's recipe for cheese blintzes. The article, "Ben Will Enjoy Grandma's Blintzes," also quoted little four-year-old Ben asking, "Grandma, why don't you teach my mommy how to make blintzes?"

Blintzes are essentially Eastern European crêpes, and have come to be associated in particular with European Jewish cooking. They can be filled with many different things including mashed potatoes or berry sauce, but sweetened cottage cheese is perhaps the most traditional (and in my opinion most delicious) filling. Ben's Grandma's recipe calls for pineapple jam as well, which sounds kind of weird. I assume you could omit that if you're a purist like me.