Anyone out there?

Hi there,
I'm brand-new to cheesemaking and have been surprised by the lack of networks out there - are we that unusual? :) I was excited to find this message board, but it looks like it's fairly unpopulated. I keep hoping to find a board where I can ask questions of more experienced cheesemakers, etc. Are there any others out there?

I do have a question as well. Trying to make ricotta today, I used 2% instead of whole milk. Added some citric acid and salt, heated to 195, and couldn't get the curds to seperate, save a few lonely stark white ones floating on the top. After a while (since I assumed all was lost, although I wasn't sure why) I added some rennet to experiment. It seperated, those curds sinking to the bottom, whispy off-white. I let them sit and then drained into butter muslin, which is now hanging to drain. Not sure what the finished product will be, or where I went wrong. Should I just not have used 2%?