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Fundamental questions about making cheese

Humidity question

... so I was drying some cheddar, and it got really wet here for a few days. Got a few spots of green mold on it, just wanted to make sure I'm OK wiping it off and letting it dry before waxing it. Any suggestions? Right now, I've got it in an oven with just a light (no heat) to dry a bit.

Any help appreciated.

Anyone out there?

Hi there,
I'm brand-new to cheesemaking and have been surprised by the lack of networks out there - are we that unusual? :) I was excited to find this message board, but it looks like it's fairly unpopulated. I keep hoping to find a board where I can ask questions of more experienced cheesemakers, etc. Are there any others out there?

Parmesan problems

Hi, my friend and I have embarked on the cheesemaking journey and have run into problems while aging a parmesan. The cheese was brined in a salt bath for 24 hours. We are storing it in a rubbermaid container at 55 degrees in a "cold room" in the basement of a house, the room has a slight damp smell to it. 93% humidity (We now recognize the humidity is too high and have since corrected this by moving it to a different room) After a few weeks of aging, it has taken on a moldy smell!!

Parmesan MISTAKE - Starter & Rennet at same


In creating some Parmesan about 2 hours ago, I accidentally added my Thermophilic Starter and Lipase Powder at the same time as my Rennet.

Does anyone know what kind of effect this will have?

All the recipies I have state to let the milk "ripen" for 30 minutes after adding the Starter and Lipase. Since I have obviously neglected this step, and I am a somewhat of a newbe at this, I have no idea of the consequences.

I would appreciate any comments that anyone has. Hopefully I can post the results to see if this is a wasted batch. Good think its only 2 gallons of milk!


Hi i want to know about the biological concepts and processes specifically related to cheese making

please can you help me

thanx Charlie_jesminda

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