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Selling My Bookings on Cheese 2009 - Bra Slowfood

Due to changing plans, I need to sell my bookings in Cheese 2009 Bra. I am selling with the cost I bought so,here they are:

ATC13- Oh bella Ciau!
20/09/2009 ore 20:30 € 65,00

LC019-Api, formaggi e tè
20/09/2009 ore 13:00 € 18,00

LC009-Il mio formaggio del cuore: gli affinatori italiani
18/09/2009 ore 19:00 € 20,00

LC003- Italia delle bufale: Paestum, Caserta, Latina, Torino e Manerbio
18/09/2009 ore 13:00 € 16,00

for to get any booking pls email or call 0039 340 88 28754


Australian Cheese

After always buying the 'Roaring Forties' blue from Australia, I thought that I would try others. My search found a goats blue 'Strezleckie' a cow blue 'Blue Orchid'which exceeded all expectations - It is a pity that these two cheeses are hard to obtain in America. The two cheeses are made by a company called Tarago River Cheese and after visiting there website I will try some of their others and see if they are as spectacular in smell and taste as the two purchased. As an Australian in the USA it is good to find an Australian cheese equal to any from other parts of the world.

Kosher Cheese Maker needed

A private fromagerie in Canada is looking for an experienced, Head Kosher Cheese Maker. Must be licenced and experienced. Excellent wage and relocation expenses for the perfect candidate!
Send your resume to stating experience, licenses and date of availability. It's an excellent opportunity to use your craftmanship at a growing company!

Making Feta

Made a small batch of Feta yesterday. I can't believe that I waited so long since the last time I made it. It is so simple. I used the Fias Co. recipe and right now it is hanging for the 24 hours. Smells great. I will let you know how everything is going later on in the week.

Artisan Cheesemakers

I really hope this board takes off because I miss everyone's posts. I have learned alot from the other board and hope to continue to learn. I will be starting to make some more cheese next week. I have made feta that was delish. My monteray jack was pretty good considering it was my first aged cheese. It was a little salty and dry but I think that happened because it was aged for about eight months and I don't have anything in my notes that indicated that I salted the curds. I have a parmesean in the cooler that has been in for a year. It is very hard, but looks great. Anyway, I hope everyone catches on to the "new forum".

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